Monday, March 31, 2008

From Peep Show Producer to Pet Pimper (Part One)

I blinged my pets. I brought home this pink love collar and added a huge rhinestone studded bow dog tag charm. This one is for my Doberman (male) named Zeus. He totally rocks the pink and even Honey said it's not so bad. Which is good that he learned to like . I wasn't giving in. I swore I would wear it if he made me take it off Zeus. I would take his picture but he retired to the bedorom to watch Cops and lay on the bed before it gets all crowded.
Fletch sports a gold collar with BIG rhinestones.Oh and his charm is a bone pave'd crystal of course. I would take his picture but he is wearing his cone head collar and we are calling him Scoop.
Fred didn't get her Easter Finery picture, since Easter was early this year...BUT she did get a new coat. I would take her picture but she is sleeping and I don't feel like getting stitches. It is the mac daddy of coats. You feeling me? I'm talking total Shaft from back in da' day


steph said...

love it. my cat, mamba, used to have this badass bonefish tag on his collar, but he somehow lost it! now, it's a pretty boring black tag on his collar, sadly. he needs to get blinged!

Andrea said...

No pics at all? Come on! We wanna see! :)