Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Feelin Ya

I ain't writing much on here, but as most of you know..I've been leaving long ass comments on your blogs. Why? Because I'm sick again and they added FOUR more prescriptions. Honey was about to pull the I'll call your Mom card if you don't go today and to the other two appts I've made for you.. Bastard. Apparently I'm not pulling the "I'm fine" thing off very well. So while I can't think of any specific topic "Look! Oh pretty that sparkles!" on my own, your comment sections will be over run by loopy ass writing. Apparently, I should be better in 5-7 days. feel free to ban me.


Andie said...

so was that you who sent me the weird anonymous comment about john mccain and obama and all that?

(just kidding, I know it wasn't you!) LOL

Get well soon!

meno said...

I don't think $20 would be enough to make me good looking. Or maybe that sign is just old. Inflation you know.

Andrea said...

Hon, you can leave as many comments as you'd like. :) Hope the next few days go quickly and that your "I'm fine" bears more truth.

soapy t said...

i am so sad i haven't written much this week. i write for your comments. i've been without thoughts or feelings since february.