Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Homebound

Whatever is living in my chest refuses to break up the party and move the hell out. It's new name is Bronchitis and Reactive Airway Disease, which is kinda odd since RAD is caused by irritants and pollutants in the air and I recently purchased an air purifier. Monday I go to a Pulmonary Doctor. Hopefully we can get this cleared up, I'm sure my husband finds it ultra sexy when I start the never ending cough that sounds like I'm drowning or choking. I usually leave the room, cause if that was him I'd run too. So much for vaccines huh? Oh and Muccinex? Didn't do a damn thing.

Mostly I just want out of the house. Seriously. One of the drugs they added compounds the drowsiness of another drug that I take all the time, so my keys are pretty much off limits. Maybe I can persuade Honey to take me to Target. He always steers the buggy and keeps my purse while I run throughout the store like a kid in a candy store. That seems like a safe and reasonable request.

At least TV shows are starting to become new again. Sorry Kim.


steph said...

ugh, i had the bronchitis and it took FOREVER to get rid of. hope you feel better, soon.

sorry i haven't been commenting -- the move left no internet time! but, i'm back!!!

soapy t said...

i'd push your cart at target any day. i love target. i want to marry it. i go there for toilet paper and tampons and walk out $200 poorer.

kim said...

Oh, you poor thing. I would take you to Target too, anything to help you not just have to sit around with nothing but your cough to keep you company. Hope you get some relief soon.

And no worries about the new shows, I'm still okay. We've been catching up on 24 via blockbuster video. Maybe when those run out I'll feel the pain of television withdrawal. But thanks for thinking of me.
btw -- how is oprah? is she doing okay? is she still in re-run?