Thursday, March 20, 2008

Danger! Run! Danger!

So we are both sick. It started out with an itchy throat last week with honey, and I got a chance to take care of him for once. But then I had to go and come down with some kinda respiratory thing and he is back to work and taking care of me. I'm not sure what day it is, just that I can blow snot bubbles from my left nostril. That takes some real talent, and hmm well yeah free time. So we have all these safe sugar free, alcohol free syrups, and thera-flu, and alkaseltzer cold. Honey actually went to his Doc, mine is in Orlando and I'm not wasting a whole day of feeling like crap when I could be in bed feeling like crap. On top of that the antibiotics don't seem to be working and it's that good shit too, the kind like if you have malaria or gangrene. So I'm glad I'm just riding it out.I was spraying lysol all over the bedroom, I hope it's not toxic.


steph said...

ugh, sounds crappy -- and the weather is finally getting nice down here, sucks you are stuck inside! feel better soon

TTQ said...

I know it's awesome this week! The kind of weather that makes people move here. I thinkI am going to sneak out this afternoon. I'm starting to go stir crazy.

kim said...

we had the creeping crud -- took us down for way too freakin long, and it came with faucet nose -- no warning, just better be ready with some kleenex.

i loved your augustin dream btw. I almost went to madison when he was promoting his brother's book with him, but i thought i'd better stay home for fear of punching his brother out. i was just realizing my husband is a bit aspie and since the book was all about life as an aspergian -- i'm rational like that, "you, you, you -- it's all about you -- you even wrote a book about it. good for you!" and then, pow! right in the kisser.

you want to chew gum with him, i want to pound his brother, and people think i'm nice.

and if his brother reads your blog -- sorry jon -- it's just a projection thing, nothing personal -- k?
...they are really going to lock me up soon, aren't they?

meno said...

I had some (marginally) intelligent comment. And then i got derailed by kim and i can't remember it. Woot!

cubmommy said...

Hope you guys are feeling better. I hate being sick. My family should buy stock in Puffs.

soapy t said...

it's not toxic so much as it might give you MS.

being sick sucks. is your cough productive? i love to produce.