Monday, March 31, 2008

If My Turtle Goes Missing..

This flyer would be perfect if I lost my turtle, which I haven't, he's in his tank and he's alive..Or she. It could be a she. My sister would know if it were a she-turtle or he-turtle. She's very scientifically biology givenly gifted. I'm just sayin'


csparr said...

I don't know from turtles. Well, actually, I've heard something about if the bottom shell caves in it is a boy, and if it is pretty flat it is a girl. I'll let you imagine the lurid details of why that might be important. Who knew!

TTQ said...

Are you tellin me if you had the turtle in a tAnk for over 6 months you or the boys wouldn't have looked it up by now??????

soapy t said...

you have just made me want to watch 2 turtles fuck.

Andie said...

you crack me up. LOL