Friday, March 07, 2008

Root Canal Part Duex

I had to go back today from my root canal last week, I had no idea that they were doing a second root canal on the same tooth. I thought they were just going to make sure it was okay for the crown to be made. I was wrong.

However, it's amazing the things you hear them talk about while you are just sitting there. I almost shot a whole set of tools out of my mouth when they were talking about baseball, who they have seen, have they ever met one? Ever touched one? I'm dying because Honey was a baseball player, so I wanted to announce triumphantly "I fuck one!" But alas the subject was switched befofe I could say anything. Apparently this Endodontist is now single and was musing why it was so hard to meet and form relationships, why didn't anyone tell him that? To which the lovely assisant cherrfully chirriped "No one ever said it would be easy!"


meno said...

At least they didn't ask you questions while your mounth was full of tools.

You poor baby. No more dentist for a while i hope.

Swishy said...

Imagine if you had said that!!! HA HA HA.

I hope you're feeling OK!