Monday, January 07, 2008

Where It's Over, It's Over

The holidays (Thanksgiving through my birthday Jan 5) are finally over.. I know, I know I said that before. But this time it's for real. I threw my back out again and can't hit the gym, let alone pick up anything off the floor. But I can go back to eating healthy after all the crap that we shoveled into our mouths. I'm surprised I can fit in anything, I packed on 6 lbs. Three lbs per month roughly. My body is crying out for fresh fruit and veggies, I go to the doctor tomorrow and he will only make getting back on track easier. My health report card is going to probably be a big fat F. I've been eating meat and salt. Bad.

Cyd- Your box is packed I had to unwrap one present, and cut off half the packaging to get it to fit in the flat rate box. But everything is is going to get out of here so I can pack up Christmas. Actually, I really think I am going to throw some sheets over the tree and drag it down the hallway to a guest bedroom. Honey said just make it go away, so I can and I will.


steph said...

i'm actually kind-of relieved all the holidays are over. although i love them, it is just A LOT of everything!

hope your back gets better!!

kim said...

I'm sending you a virtual smoothie -- organic strawberries, blueberries, banana, orange, pineapple, a carrot and a shot of wheat-grass -- blend with ice --mmmmmmm)))))))))))

soapy t said...

i weigh 100 million pounds. all i ate during the holidays was meat and cookies. i hate it.

Andrea said...

My aunt left her tree up all year last year. For Halloween she covered it in black cloth and decorated it with webs, skulls, spiders, etc... Just an idea. :)

Sorry to hear you threw your back out... hope you feel better soon!