Thursday, January 10, 2008

Honey was watching TV in the bedroom when he starts hollering "Cindy's on TV!"

"Which Cindy? My Cyndy or your Cindy?"

"My Cindy" sputters out of his mouth.

"On what? On TV?" thinking that it is probably just another girl who looks like her.

"Come watch, you gotta see this, really hurry, it was on the preview clips" he shouts as he starts dialing everybody in the family including Cindy.

Sure enough it was her, getting a speeding ticket on the new show called "Speeders". And she lied to the cops, her story was so messed up it's not even funny.

I'm a very proud Aunt. (yes, she's my niece by marriage and she is my age)


kimberlie said...

ohhhh this means that your famous now!

meno said...

I love the violin playing in the corner.

No wonder you are so proud!

kim said...


TTQ said...

Kimberlie, you mean I wasn't before? Huh.

Meno, oh ya loved the violin too..

Kim, squirming for me or for Cindy. Was it because I yelled run Cindy run? I justthought it would have matter a better show if she had run and then they caught her..think of all the family holidays where every would be off the hook except her.. I could probably pick my nose at the table and they would still be ragging her..