Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, Monday ( I hate that song)

Guess where I went Saturday? You'll never guess...the ER again! Wheeee! My frequent flier miles are really starting to rack up. Not to mention, no wait. I didn't even have to go through finance registration. There was a new to me ER doc who gave me several options one of which was to go home and wait for my Dr. in Orlando to get back in the office Monday providing I didn't have any more serious symptoms between Sat afternoon and Monday morning. So of course I chose to go home. The only thing the hospital would have done was jack me up on morphine over the weekend. That's right people I chose my home, my bed, my bathroom over morphine. Though Honey yesterday was ready to haul me back to the ER. There were a few times I was ready to cave, but I didn't. Stuipd and stubborn or superwoman?

I just got off the phone with my Dr's nurse and she wants me there at 12:30 today in Orlando. Honey is leaving work early to take me. He drives much faster than I do. Actually I would be cool taking myself, but apparently that is not an option. Sigh. So much for independence.

Cyd, who is suppose to be my ghost blogger can't remember how to log into my account under her name. So the blog may collect some dust. We both agree that Hospitals should have wireless for the patients.

I just read and FORWARDED (shudder) one of those a "miracle will happen if you..." e-mails. So with any luck I'll be home tonight in my own bed.

Happy Monday!


steph said...

oh no, i hope things work out well. i'm sending good thoughts your way!!

meno said...

i'll be hoping for a miracle for you too.

steph said...

so glad you made it back!! hope it wasn't so terrible.

send me some of those good thoughts...i'm heading ot the doctor today. ugh.

Andie said...

get well soon!

Andrea said...

Oh, hon! I'm so sorry! And I agree - they should provide wireless.

Praying for a miracle...

soapy t said...

i hate mondays. i love lasagna.