Friday, January 18, 2008

Gots To Pay The Dues.

I'm at the library with a friend this afternoon and I mentioned I've probably got some late fess I need to pay.

She was all "Yeah me too, 20 cents".

Me:"No, really I'm going to owe like 12 dollars"

Librarian: "That will be $9.60"

Me: "Okay" handing her a ten while cursing for not shipping the books I ordered on the 4th of January. Apparently I get to wait all month, then I can complain and file a lost item or whatever the hell it is.

Friend: "I thought you were joking about owing $12.00"

Me: "I wish"

Friend "Call me and I'll return your books for you"

Me: "If only it were that easy to remember to call you to return my books, then I should be able to remember to return them MYSELF."

Friend : "Whatever, you suck as library patron"


meno said...

Friend is funny.

cyd said...

Heh, I used to be like your friend. Then I started living a busy life and being responsible for returning books for kids, and also got to know some cool librarians. Now I get the feeling they are just happy to have addicted customers. I think of the money as a donation to the system.

Of course now that I have a requested a book that was due yesterday but probably hasn't been returned I can whine about ppl who don't turn them in on time.

kimberlie said...

i once had $36 owing. My problem is that if i really like a book, i want to keep it. So, we came to an arrangement- the library let me keep the book & i donated some that i didnt like.

Pure genius!

Julie said...

I can't remember the last time I got a book out of a library....I just buy the books that I read....I am all for supporting your local library though!

soapy t said...

good for you for going to the library. i had to join to use their computers when mine died last year. it was filled with homeless and crazy people.

Andie said...

you are too cute.

I always wind up just renewing the books online and bringing them back when I feel like it. If I get a fine, I usually round up as a "donation" for a poor kid that doesn't have the change handy.