Thursday, January 17, 2008

Overheard While Bumbling Through Blogs

From Soapy T. at Dear Diary:

"No more with that holidays/ new years business. It's all so very last year."

From Karyn at Pretty* In The City:

Re: the iPhone, I asked a guy there if they were ever gonna make one with buttons because I like the buttons on my BlackBerry.

After laughing at me he said, "You only like buttons because you've never known anything not to have them."

I was like, "No, I like buttons because they're more accurate when I type."

"The iPhone is accurate," he replied, getting all defensive.

I was like, "Really? Because I just tried to type the word 'hello' and it came out as 'hrlio.'"

From Meno at Meno's Blog:

"Em gave me Satsuma Body Butter and Mango Body Scrub for Christmas. I smell like a fucking fruit salad."

From Steph at Like A Bowl Full Of Jelly:

Me: Ugh! Gross, I feel gross -- I gained holiday weight!!!
FP: (in a kind, reassuring tone) Oh, you look great! Don't worry!
Me: Ugh
FP: (still kind) How much did you gain?
FP: (all kindness gone) Oh my god. That's the weight of a poop. You just need to go and poop. Seriously.

From EJ at EJ Takes Life:

"People in bad or boring situations generally don't write well. They whine well, but there's plenty of that in the world and I didn't want to contribute more


Andrea said...

I love your overheards! Especially since I haven't had much time to go bumbling... :)

Hope all is well!

meno said...

Poop weighs 3 pounds? That's a big poop. Think of three pounds of butter. Yikes.

Frannie Farmer said...

Dang, you hang out un all the best places ...
and I love Karyn!!

Andie said...

LOL. I just nearly spit out my water.