Monday, January 21, 2008

Ugh it's THAT Monday.

I've had this Monday and tomorrow on my calender for a few weeks now. I have to have another colonoscopy. I should be over 15 years away from my first and I'm heading in for my second. The last time, he removed some polyps (ewww, I know) and said we won't have to do this till your 50. Yay! Liar! So over the past six months I've been in the hospital 3 times and they couldn't do it there because the risk of infection was too great. So I've been on anti-biotics and today I am starting the prep , which by far is the worse part of it. Besides the embarrassement. I wish I had anal dentata. For those of you who don't know what that means, you are reading the wrong blogs.

Needless to say I am chained to the house today, so I was happy when Kim asked for some music videos, saying it's been awhile. It's been awhile because I've been going to sleep early instead of mindlessly surfing from video to video. When I get stressed I sleep, I just turn everything off. Or I read which essentially does the same thing for me, I get to live somebody elses life for a few hours. Today is bound to be a ood surfin day, I can't just laydown and go to sleep..

Whatever it's not like they are turning my colon into a semi-colon..yet. So there's that.

So what's up with you guys in Bloggerland?


soapy t said...

i too wish i had anal dentata, as you well know. i've never had a colonoscopy. it doesn't sound like fun. i like to come out of my butt. i will be thinking of you and your anus tomorrow.

TTQ said...

Soapy Soapy..the more you disturb me, the more I love you.

TTQ said...

Oh and Honey has AGREED to film me going in. Hopefully he won't get camera shy and he'll keep up commentary on me and the other people in the pre-op counting back from 100. My goal is to make it to 60. If I have to have a driver, I think I should make sure I get my money's worth huh?

meno said...

I know that the next time i go in for a check-up, they are going to tell me "IT'S TIME!"

Not looking forward to that.

Anal dentata, now there's an image.

steph said...

oh, good luck! i hope it all goes well.

and now time to find out what an anal dentata is!

Cyd said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow (and trying not to think of anal dentata).

Andie said...

I hope your test goes ok!

Swishy said...

How did it go???

Andrea said...

Anal dentata - now THERE'S something frightening!

I had to share your semicolon statemtent with a woman who can now use the term. She got a really good laugh.