Sunday, September 30, 2007


Elton John tickets went on sale yesterday morning. I forgot. Elton is Honey's favorite, me not so much. I like him but I don't think I would ever buy his cds. Not that I need too, Honey has most if not all of them.

Last month Tori Amos tickets went on sale and I didn't buy them, I just saw her two years ago. Honey had Mom buy the tickets on her credit card leaving no paper trail for me. So, I got surprised with tickets.

Basically, Honey got screwed. The show is sold out. In my defense he was suppose to call me and wake me up so I coould be online when they went on sale.

I still feel bad though, Honey doesn't ask for much.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Why My Mom is Cool #65428

Evangeline1: Did you get my text message?

Evangeline1 is idle at 6:19:24 PM.

Evangeline1 is no longer idle at 6:21:08 PM.

Evangeline1 is idle at 7:17:12 PM.

TTQ: no i've been resting today

Auto response from Evangeline1: I am away from my computer right now.

Evangeline1 is no longer idle at 7:24:26 PM.

Evangeline1: I was trying to learn how to text..

TTQ: it's hard to punch all those little buttons

TTQ: you did very well

TTQ: I got it

Evangeline1: Good. Noqw I need to learn how to leave out vowels and use numbers and make it totally unreadable. My BFK

TTQ: My bff

TTQ: There's a book we can read

Evangeline1: I need to.

TTQ: get the lingo down?

Evangeline1: What's BFF?

TTQ: my best female friend or best friend forever

Evangeline1: cool. That is so much fun .

TTQ: lol

Then we go on about stuff you guys could care less about.l

LadymanTTQ: ur silly

MissEvangeline1: Yeh right. But age allows me.

LadymanTTQ: yep

LadymanTTQ: :-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Starting Over

My world just got rocked. My general practitioner's office lost their best Nurse Practitioner (i.e. mine). I didn't see her alot because I mostly see specialists. But the transplant center ordered some vaccinations (I wonder if I get tags with that) and said just go to your GP's office, so I kept putting it off for the last month. Today I call for an appt. and they tell me she left in June. She is going to be a SAHM, which I knew but didn't think it would be this soon. Everybody else I know goes to the same one here in town and not in Orlando, so I figured I could switch to one here, but they all see the same one and he isn't taking new patients. So I'm gonna go meet this other N.P. at the same office I was going too, and I'm going to have to start all over again....sigh, I can barely keep all my tests and appts straight as it is, now I have to explain it all again? Even Honey gets confused. God, she was great. Also she was a Ex-pro ball player's wife too, so we always had a great time when I went to see her. Did I mention she was efficent, caring, and smart? I'm sad.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Theme Appears To Be Art

Factory Girl finally came from Netflix after waiting a long time for it to be released, I watched this weekend. It's a film about Edie Sedgwick and her relationship with Andy Warhol.
The clip isn't from the film but gives a brief look into her life

The book I read on the cruise was about art too. Lulu meets God and Doubts Him

From Publishers Weekly

In this enjoyably tart art world sendup, winsome, aper├žu-spouting Mia McMurray (think Party Girl–era Parker Posey) is a gallerista—one of the invariably decorative young women who act as a gallery's de facto concierge, and "who is always, always watching," as Mia herself puts it. A mysterious portrait by the recently late Jeffrey Finelli (killed by an errant cab in front of Mia's Simon Pryce gallery) gives the novel its winningly clumsy title and sets up its main conflict, between grasping art collectors and representatives of Finelli's estate. Former Mademoiselle and Woman's Day editor Ganek, herself a significant art collector, offers sharply drawn characters and convincingly savvy details. That the book's most important female collector is presented as a loudmouthed and overdressed refugee from Absolutely Fabulous gives a sense of its waspish humor. But Ganek stops short of crude caricature, and Ganek's portraits of the variously sneaky, ridiculous and pretentious art world denizens are tinged with affection and depth. The tone is sophisticated chick lit, and there's a sweet love story threaded in, but what most clearly animates this debut, and sets it apart, is a real sense that art matters. (June)

Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Moon My Man

I want to wear a trench coat next time I go to the airport. I want to do a line dance of sorts on the moving sidewalk. Alone with My Moon My Man, My Moon And My Man. All alone in my head singing and dancing like nobody will see me. I want to be her just for a song

No chicken?

Honey told me he would rather incur my wrath by calling me a bitch everyday than have me do the one thing that annoys him more than anything. Me annoy? He couldn't even say it, it annoys him that much.

So what else to do but rattle off a list of my offensive behavior?

Um pick my nose? No. I would rather you pick and I eat your boogers.

Forget to fill the dog's water dish? No.

Run my nails down the back of your neck while you are on the phone? No.

Come to bed late at night? No.

Driving over the grass to park in our driveway or pulling out of our driveway? ( I love doing that, I giggle everytime I do it.)

Move the furniture around? No.

Change the bedroom look every three months? No.

Honey then stops me with "I'm doing my paperwork, we'll get back to this" (meaning he hopes I will have forgotten.)


What is it? Tell me. Please? Have you ever told me it annoys you? Yes?

Hmm, I don't recall you EVER saying anything.

Oh I have, trust me I have.

What is it?

Ok (sigh) The Chiken thin....

Oh! Chickety China The Chinese Chicken!


No! It's funny it makes me laugh (I guess I know it really is annoying). It just makes me giggle I can't stop saying it!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Did I Really Just Write This?

Sunset from our balcony. Honey took a few pictures of me naked on our balcony, which I may or may not post. I didn't even know he had taken them until we got back. We have named one Honey Butt, because, really all you can make out is my ass and hair. If I post it , I might add a poll to see how many people think I have a big ass. Honey says "No it's not". I say "It is". So bloggers you may be called upon to settle the score.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Wading Through

Last week I was wading through pretty waves, this week I'm wading through bills, appts, phone calls, and housecleaning. I'm sad, I really liked being on the ship because the stateroom attendant would make our bed up every time we messed it up. At home, it's a losing battle.

Yippe Ka Ya Yay!

My new power source came today! I showed great restraint and did some work around the house then whipped out the toolbox and pulled out the old power source, and installed the new one. 5 minutes flat. Sweet Sweet Surfin! I felt like I had lost a best friend, sure I had the laptop or Honey's computer to use, plus a spare antique one that actually works. But bliss is my favorite chair and my desk with my desktop Pc with all my pics, bookmarks, and finely tuned puter. You can wear my panties, parade around in my bra, sleep in my nightie.. BUT do not touch my PC. Just don't, I mean it. Seriously. And while on the subject, don't touch my Gummy Bears.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gone again

One vacation is over and I'm getting reday to leave for a mini vacation today. Be back in a day or so..

Monday, September 17, 2007


I came back from vacation and my template was gone. Strange, so now I have to start all over again instead of just jumping right into blogging. This makes me sad. The back doesn't even work anymore.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Great Night Of Work

I haven't held this amount of cash in a long time, last night proved to be a productive one with the Ta-Ta's and tassels. Spending money for the cruise!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hand me my Leather

Look I'm standing naked before you
Don't you want more then my sex
I can scream as loud as your last one
But I can't claim innocence

Oh God
Could it be the weather
Oh God
Why am I here
If love Isn't forever
And it's not the weather
Hand me my leather

I could just pretend that you love me
The night would lose all sense of fear
But why do I need you to love me
When you can't Hold what I hold dear

Tori Amos- Leather

I feel pretty...

Today started off rough....

Move your ass Dipshit!

Burn in Hell!

But now:

I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and gay
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me today
I feel charming
Oh so charming
It's alarming how charming I feel
And so pretty....

After a day getting a manicure, pedicure, leg massage and 4 inches of dead hair cut off..yes please, blow it staight, I don't care how long it will take our how much... just do it....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Barking Ta-Ta's

Dogs barking. Dogs barking. Honey egging it on since we never really hear Fletch bark to often, which is good it's not a bark it's a bray and Honey finds it funny(Where the Fuck is my Xanax?!). Zeus, on the other hand is our doorbell. We get to hear him every day. Apparently he has "town" rules of his own, like he owns all property in front of our house including the sidewalk and the people across the streets house. So yeah, we hear him a lot. But both dogs barking at once..I'm going to shove my earphones in my ears and start counting minutes till our vacation. Three more days, three more days. This is worse than Christmas. Please be Sunday when I wake up, then we can grab our bags and get on the ship. I know I shouldn't be throwing away my days at this age. But is it so wrong to be so impatient while waiting on vacation?

On a side note: Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was at the post office today and a car in the lot that said "Save the Ta-Tas!" Naturally I looked down at my own Ta-Ta's and said "Ta-Da! Don't worry my pretty little melon shaped friends, we are up to date on our testing". Are you? Because you guys already know I like to say Ta-Da! and saying it with Ta-Ta's! Enunciation bliss! Ta-Da! Your Ta-Ta's have been squished and flattened enough, you are good to go! So please get your Ta-Ta's checked and come back to me and just put Ta-Da! in the comment section doesn't matter which post, I'll know what it means.

I thought of a slogan for prostate cancer but I'll blog on that some other day.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Bumble Blog Fall TV Buzz

I am as addicted to Tv as I am the Internet, in fact I'm debating on adding a third DVR here at home and ordering Showtime so I can watch Californication. Here's my Fall schedule I'll be adding it to my DVR's this month. The fall season starts the day Honey and I come back from vacation. I'll be leaving for a mini vacation that week with my mom, but we like the same shows so it's all good.


Samantha Who? (ABC 9:30pm)

CSI: Miami (CBS 10:00)


Law & Order SVU (NBC 10:00 pm)


Pushing Daisies (ABC 8:00 pm)

Private Practice (ABC 9:00 pm)

Gossip Girl (CW 9:00 pm)
I'll give this one a watch but I doubt it will make it to my DVR on a regular basis

CSI: New York (CBS 10:00pm)

Dirty Sexy Money (ABC 10:00pm)
I'll give this one a watch but I doubt it will make it to my DVR on a regular basis


Grey's Anatomy (ABC 9:00pm)

CSI (CBS 9:00)

Without a Trace (CBS 10:00pm)


Women's Murder Club (ABC 9:00pm)



Desperate Housewives (ABC 9:00 pm)

Cold Case(CBS 9:00)

Hurricane Felix

A second Cat 5 Hurricane is out and about in the very waters were I'll be cruising next week. I really don't care exactly where the boat goes, I'll just be glad to be on vacation with Honey. So it's no big deal to me if we get rerouted. I should be out buying crap for the trip or at least making a list, instead I'm sitting here in my pj's drinking coffee.

Honey wore me down into taking the laptop and getting internet access in the stateroom. So that means I should be blogging and maybe sharing pics. Or I might just leave you for a week. I'm looking forward to sitting on our private balcony and reading. Input rather than output..