Friday, September 28, 2007

Why My Mom is Cool #65428

Evangeline1: Did you get my text message?

Evangeline1 is idle at 6:19:24 PM.

Evangeline1 is no longer idle at 6:21:08 PM.

Evangeline1 is idle at 7:17:12 PM.

TTQ: no i've been resting today

Auto response from Evangeline1: I am away from my computer right now.

Evangeline1 is no longer idle at 7:24:26 PM.

Evangeline1: I was trying to learn how to text..

TTQ: it's hard to punch all those little buttons

TTQ: you did very well

TTQ: I got it

Evangeline1: Good. Noqw I need to learn how to leave out vowels and use numbers and make it totally unreadable. My BFK

TTQ: My bff

TTQ: There's a book we can read

Evangeline1: I need to.

TTQ: get the lingo down?

Evangeline1: What's BFF?

TTQ: my best female friend or best friend forever

Evangeline1: cool. That is so much fun .

TTQ: lol

Then we go on about stuff you guys could care less about.l

LadymanTTQ: ur silly

MissEvangeline1: Yeh right. But age allows me.

LadymanTTQ: yep

LadymanTTQ: :-)


Stucco said...

I'm calling that pic out as Photoshopped. Besides, couldn't you have found a pic where it was two cute girlies wearing the actual BFF necklaces, naked, and trying to line up the halves without using their hands?

Cyd said...

Mom is cool. Tell her she can text me anytime she wants.

TTQ said...

Stucco , I would have to use photoshop for that..I know mom and I aren't going to make that picture happen. She's hot and all but dude she's my mom.