Friday, September 21, 2007

Yippe Ka Ya Yay!

My new power source came today! I showed great restraint and did some work around the house then whipped out the toolbox and pulled out the old power source, and installed the new one. 5 minutes flat. Sweet Sweet Surfin! I felt like I had lost a best friend, sure I had the laptop or Honey's computer to use, plus a spare antique one that actually works. But bliss is my favorite chair and my desk with my desktop Pc with all my pics, bookmarks, and finely tuned puter. You can wear my panties, parade around in my bra, sleep in my nightie.. BUT do not touch my PC. Just don't, I mean it. Seriously. And while on the subject, don't touch my Gummy Bears.

1 comment:

meno said...

I an with you, gummi bears and my laptop are inviolate. Back off.