Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Barking Ta-Ta's

Dogs barking. Dogs barking. Honey egging it on since we never really hear Fletch bark to often, which is good it's not a bark it's a bray and Honey finds it funny(Where the Fuck is my Xanax?!). Zeus, on the other hand is our doorbell. We get to hear him every day. Apparently he has "town" rules of his own, like he owns all property in front of our house including the sidewalk and the people across the streets house. So yeah, we hear him a lot. But both dogs barking at once..I'm going to shove my earphones in my ears and start counting minutes till our vacation. Three more days, three more days. This is worse than Christmas. Please be Sunday when I wake up, then we can grab our bags and get on the ship. I know I shouldn't be throwing away my days at this age. But is it so wrong to be so impatient while waiting on vacation?

On a side note: Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was at the post office today and a car in the lot that said "Save the Ta-Tas!" Naturally I looked down at my own Ta-Ta's and said "Ta-Da! Don't worry my pretty little melon shaped friends, we are up to date on our testing". Are you? Because you guys already know I like to say Ta-Da! and saying it with Ta-Ta's! Enunciation bliss! Ta-Da! Your Ta-Ta's have been squished and flattened enough, you are good to go! So please get your Ta-Ta's checked and come back to me and just put Ta-Da! in the comment section doesn't matter which post, I'll know what it means.

I thought of a slogan for prostate cancer but I'll blog on that some other day.


Stucco said...

For prostate cancer, it should be a picture of a Dr. smelling his glove finger (because gross shit is funny) and the words "Dr. Stankfinger saves lives!"

Oh, and the shirt should be brown.

Cyndy said...

Hmm, your ads don't play well with Firefox. After about 5 seconds (and I don't read that fast) I get whisked away to go buy something. Unless I hit the "Post a Comment" link. Hence this comment :-)

Maybe it's your evil plan. Or maybe I'm just imagining it cuz it is too early in the am.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Too funny. Love the ads;))

Andie said...

Love that tshirt. I may have to get one... and I think I may have to do the breast cancer walk this year!