Monday, September 03, 2007

The Bumble Blog Fall TV Buzz

I am as addicted to Tv as I am the Internet, in fact I'm debating on adding a third DVR here at home and ordering Showtime so I can watch Californication. Here's my Fall schedule I'll be adding it to my DVR's this month. The fall season starts the day Honey and I come back from vacation. I'll be leaving for a mini vacation that week with my mom, but we like the same shows so it's all good.


Samantha Who? (ABC 9:30pm)

CSI: Miami (CBS 10:00)


Law & Order SVU (NBC 10:00 pm)


Pushing Daisies (ABC 8:00 pm)

Private Practice (ABC 9:00 pm)

Gossip Girl (CW 9:00 pm)
I'll give this one a watch but I doubt it will make it to my DVR on a regular basis

CSI: New York (CBS 10:00pm)

Dirty Sexy Money (ABC 10:00pm)
I'll give this one a watch but I doubt it will make it to my DVR on a regular basis


Grey's Anatomy (ABC 9:00pm)

CSI (CBS 9:00)

Without a Trace (CBS 10:00pm)


Women's Murder Club (ABC 9:00pm)



Desperate Housewives (ABC 9:00 pm)

Cold Case(CBS 9:00)


Frannie Farmer said...

I really wanna see Dirty Sexy Money ... alas, it is probably a good thing that I dont have cable!

Andrea said...

The only show I'm committed to these days is Doctor Who on the SciFi channel at 7:00PM CDT Fridays. Because I don't have a DVR, I actually adjust any Friday night plans to happen AFTER 8PM. I <3 the Doctor. :)

Any other day of the week, the TV may be on, but I'm probably not taking it in.

Andie said...

I can't wait to see Women's Murder Club and several others. I love crime dramas. LOL

meno said...

All i really need to know is WHEN IS PROJECT RUNWAY STARTING?????

kimberlie said...

i only recognise about half of those shows- now you see how beind Aussies are in t.v!

soapy t said...
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soapy t said...

i gave up cable 4 years ago to afford living alone. i thought i wouldn't be able to without it and i have, for the most part, been okay and then there are people like you who talk about their fall line up and i miss my old fashioned cable having ways of yore. i now use the internet to watch shows, albeit a day after they air, but i watch 'em.

good choices by the by, although i don't know about that gossip girls crap.