Sunday, September 30, 2007


Elton John tickets went on sale yesterday morning. I forgot. Elton is Honey's favorite, me not so much. I like him but I don't think I would ever buy his cds. Not that I need too, Honey has most if not all of them.

Last month Tori Amos tickets went on sale and I didn't buy them, I just saw her two years ago. Honey had Mom buy the tickets on her credit card leaving no paper trail for me. So, I got surprised with tickets.

Basically, Honey got screwed. The show is sold out. In my defense he was suppose to call me and wake me up so I coould be online when they went on sale.

I still feel bad though, Honey doesn't ask for much.


Stucco said...

I lost out on seeing Van Morrison at Red Rocks because TicketMaster doesn't like the Safari browser on Mac. Filthy bastards. Tell Honey TicketMaster is to blame even if they aren't.

Stucco said...
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soapy t said...

i love that honey is a little bit gay. just a little bit. it is nice. i want to love someone a little bit gay.

TTQ said...

Isn't cute? Really, it is.