Monday, September 24, 2007

No chicken?

Honey told me he would rather incur my wrath by calling me a bitch everyday than have me do the one thing that annoys him more than anything. Me annoy? He couldn't even say it, it annoys him that much.

So what else to do but rattle off a list of my offensive behavior?

Um pick my nose? No. I would rather you pick and I eat your boogers.

Forget to fill the dog's water dish? No.

Run my nails down the back of your neck while you are on the phone? No.

Come to bed late at night? No.

Driving over the grass to park in our driveway or pulling out of our driveway? ( I love doing that, I giggle everytime I do it.)

Move the furniture around? No.

Change the bedroom look every three months? No.

Honey then stops me with "I'm doing my paperwork, we'll get back to this" (meaning he hopes I will have forgotten.)


What is it? Tell me. Please? Have you ever told me it annoys you? Yes?

Hmm, I don't recall you EVER saying anything.

Oh I have, trust me I have.

What is it?

Ok (sigh) The Chiken thin....

Oh! Chickety China The Chinese Chicken!


No! It's funny it makes me laugh (I guess I know it really is annoying). It just makes me giggle I can't stop saying it!


soapy t said...

my favorite chicken bit is "cause it's shake 'n bake and i helped."

i love that this is what bother him. i love honey.

Andie said...


i love that song. that clip reminds me of the guy that rapped to the drive through for a big mac. have you ever seen that one?

TTQ said...

Honey loves you too, Soapy. Cause you make me happy.

Andie, I may have to go google that one...give it a whirl and see if that one bothers him too.

Andie said...

there you go! Enjoy!

TTQ said...

Oh shit. That one even bugs me. I like the way they keep making them do it again. Raps like Shaggy. (Mr. Boombastic)