Friday, September 21, 2007

Wading Through

Last week I was wading through pretty waves, this week I'm wading through bills, appts, phone calls, and housecleaning. I'm sad, I really liked being on the ship because the stateroom attendant would make our bed up every time we messed it up. At home, it's a losing battle.


kimberlie said...

yep, i know exactly what you mean. You now have to clean up after yourself and well, thats not fun at all!

I think there is always a wee but of depression and thought to hire a cleaner after that type of holiday.

Baby steps.

kim said...

I want a Rosie like the Jetson's had. I want all the meal gadgetry too.

You're back!!! I'm happy -- I was missing the bumble blog love.

meno said...

I'd rather be wading through the waves.

When i get rich, i'm going to live in a cruise ship, just for the bed making.

Andie said...

ahhhh only 27 more days until I'm on vacation. I can't wait.