Thursday, December 20, 2007

Still Need Presents?

Let's see what I found today online:

Pursuader by James Piatt $275.00 (comes in pink AND silver too!)
Machine Gun Handbag, move over Lara Croft. Here comes TTQ!

Gold Cuckoo Watch Necklace $22 at

If you carry a machine gun purse you gotta be a little cuckoo.

Just chillin with my gnomies. Silver Chrome Gnomes, I need a matched set for the fireplace hearth.

Silver Chrome Gnomes $55 at BASE

Just like duct tape! Only fancy! Do-Frame $12.50 at Chocosho

Designer: Droog Design This roll of adhesive tape is printed with the design of an ornate picture frame. Marti Guixe designed this simple but brilliant product for Droog the dutch design group.


kim said...

There is nothing you can't find.

Love the tape.

Frannie Farmer said...

Hmmm. I hope Mr. Farmer never, ever, ever sees that duct tape. It will change the entire look of our home!

Andrea said...

I just don't think I'm courageous enough for any of it... The tape I'd actually have to hold in my hands and play with it before I could decide to buy any.\

Happy Holidays!