Monday, December 31, 2007


The toy nazi is fucking with me, I spent hours online comparing cameras and researching prices and decided which ones I want, I checked availability in stores and added up gift cards and gift cash. I had enough in Target cards to get my camera, an almost identical model to the one I smashed on the plane. I checked availability online and off I went with a brief stop at Wal-mart just to double check though I don't (thank goodness) have any cards for Hell-mart. They had the same camera for $50.00 more. They also had the Flip Ultra which Target didn't have a few days ago and the price was just as low as I found on the internet. I stored that bit of info and when to Target to get my camera. After waiting for what seemed like forever a salesman came to help, but he couldn't find one. He checked the inventory and the website was wrong. I'll let Target slide this time, it is after all Christmas. But I am home and empty handed. I'm still not sure about getting the Flip. I'm not sure the internet is ready for us or maybe I'm not ready to be viewed. I write more than I talk, I'm thinking I might be pretty boring or basically just making an ass out of myself.

Whatever I want my camera!

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