Saturday, December 22, 2007

Is There Time To Change My Mind?

Honey: I'm not getting any e-mails (read jokes)

Me: It's three days before Christmas, people are busy.

Honey: We are just sitting here.

Me: I know that, but that's because most of our shopping was done and the rest was done when you were at work. And we don't have kids.

Honey: Shouldn't we more busy?

Me: I dunno what do you have in mind?

Honey: Maybe my computer is messed up.

Me: Maybe, but I doubt it, I'm not getting as many e-mails either. They both couldn't be broken for e-mail only.

Honey: I was just saying...

Here's the part I wish to change: It was a stupid rule not to get each other anything. There is no sneaking around, no guessing what something is and really it took the joy out of shopping since I had made the rule. I made the rule. There I said it.


Swishy said...

I know ... at this point, I am just ready for it all to be over ... :)

meno said...

We made this rule too. And we break it a little, just a little, every year.

TTQ said...

I saw this coming a few months ago when we were shopping during our cruise... This is our 2nd Married Christmas, so last year was a big one and the first couple before we got married were subtle and well thought out gifts.

I didn't know we could break the rule so soon..