Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

It's a mad house out in shopper land. It's a time that amateurs hit the stores. Courtesy and kindness have been replaced with cars whipping into spots that you sat and waited on for 5 mins. People are getting frustrated, myself included because by this time of the year I'm usually done shopping and gifts are already wrapped neatly under the tree. This year not so much. It's a time of year that feels like you are on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and you get to make a phone call to a lifeline. I used mine on Friday. My sister used hers today when she called. She was the last person I expected to be calling my house on a random Saturday. We usually keep in touch through our magic computer boxes. She informed me that she had 3 hours to get her shopping done on line. Now that's ambition. If she succeds, I will bow down in an "I'm not Worthy, I'm Not Worthy" fashion. In case you weren't aware, we have 10 day still Christmas. Not that I'm counting or anything.....

tick tock tick tock


kimberlie said...

hehehe, its a fun time of year isnt it?!

Gotta love online shopping though..!

soapy t said...

i do love the pine scent. i hate the holiday shopping. i still have to buy my mother a gift. too late for one line. still don't have any ideas.

kim said...

it's not my fault the u.s. postal service has it in for me and my must stay away or die.


Cyd said...

Mission accomplished, but I never could have done it with your lifesaving help.

I didn't do all my shopping online. USPS will pick up a few packages at my house today. Yours will go to Mom's house.

So far, I highly recommend the scheduled pickup option on