Saturday, December 29, 2007

Microscopic Sperm Counter

This may be just the gift for teenage boys!

Text from the site:

A microscope the size of a credit card? Absolutely!These disposable compact microscopes allow you to magnify small amounts of material instantly, and view them through a light simply by holding it up to your eyes. Choose between 500 or 1000 times magnification!

Microscope Card suggested uses:

•Viewing sperm, making sperm counts

•Viewing/Checking blood counts

•Checking hair for dryness

• Examining microorganisms


Where else can you find a gadget that let's you see if your partner is shooting blanks, and if either one of you have dry brittle hair? Lets hope you don't need it to find your partners penis!

BUY NOW $89.00


PrincessPolly said...

The penis comment made me choke on my juice! :)

PrincessPolly said...

The penis comment made me choke on my juice! :)

steph said...

how did you find that? awesome!

Andrea said...

LOL! How DO you find these things? I certainly hope you weren't searching for penis microscope... :)

Happy New Year! May the coming year be more wonderful than the last!

TTQ said...

It's a gift from god to find the strange and obscure.. I'm a vitual cornicopia, a plethra if you will of useless gadgets and stories. Thank goodness I found Honey or else life could only have gotten stranger the way I was going.

Enjoy and feel lucky you aren't me!

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