Monday, December 15, 2008

Is This A Dream?

It's not a dream, it's life.
So mom went through a battery of procedures and ended up having open heart surgery to repair the mitral valve on Friday. She's in what they said would be her worst days. She even asked me why she had the surgery, I told her the same reason I've had all my surgeries. When the surgeon called me and explained it to me, I specifically said if she is OK with it and he thought she had good odds, then I was OK with it. We spent most of the day of her surgery waiting around the hospital because we were told she would go in around 10:00, so we grabbed a bite to eat then headed over there. Turns out they didn't take her in till about two (according to her) and it would be about a 4-6 hour procedure. My oldest sister flew in and rented a car and sat with us at the hospital which gave honey some time off and he brought us back smoothies. It was past 9 when we left the hospital. I've been living on Diet Rock Star Energy Drinks and smoothies. Big sis treated me to lunch the next day even though we couldn't find the restaurant I wanted to try until after we ate.
We are hoping she will be home by Friday, which will be two weeks she has been in the hospital. I'll be staying at her house 24/7 for awhile but will have my laptop or just use her PC or laptop.
I almost had a good post I was composing in my head while I was driving, my power of observation is coming back from tunnel vision. For now, I'm just blogging for me.

I always told her even as a little girl I would take care of her when she got older, I intend on keeping my word. Luckily Honey and her adore each other and he is committed to taking care of both of us. Big job. We are both stubborn and independent . She is starting to come around and accept the fact she does need help. We are still in some negotiations regarding getting her home, some of the other stuff she has agreed to.

I miss IM'ing with her every night. I left her computer on after I took care of some financial stuff she wanted printed. Her kitties like to play with the mouse and she goes idle, then she is no longer idle. Plus Honey can leave messages on her IM for me since you can't have cellphones on her unit, and I turn mine off and forget to turn it back on....
Hopefully she is sound asleep and medicated by now, she had a rough night last night. Tomorrow I will try and look a little less frazzled for her.... the last thing she needs to worry about is me.
Sweet dreams Mommy, I miss you! Please be home for Christmas! That's all I want. Well that and maybe some botox.. I've got the bitch line between my eyes going on again..hopefully it will go away when things calm down.


meno said...

Sounds more like a nightmare. I've been thinking about you and your mom.

Swishy said...

Ohhh, TTQ! I'm sorry about your mom. She is lucky to have you! I hope she gets out soon and you guys have a great Christmas together.

steph said...

good luck to you and your mom!!!!

Andie said...

hugs. I hope your mom is doing ok! many prayers for you.

ramblinrose said...

thinking about u and your family


kim said...

Oh, hard stuff.



hotmail dot you know what -- if you want to e-mail me. (you do know my old e-mail went with the old pc -- no outlook express on this one, thus no way to check my mail)

I'm thinking "mom be home for Christmas" for you.

soapy t said...

i have been thinking about you and wishing for the best.