Sunday, December 07, 2008

Back In The Day....

In my twenties I would have totally worn this dress and those shoes and looked good in it. Now that I'm going to be hitting 35 (oh shit I'm going to faint) I think it is best to leave these for my sister's pretty pretty daughter EJ. Oh and she totally knows how to shoot a gun. RRRARR! Dangerous!


steph said...

I don't know, I might still rock that dress!!

soapy t said...

i would never have nor would i wear this, but i would love to wear it to go hunting. i love to be in style, but i have always been a woman that loves comfortable shoes. AND men, but comfortable shoes.

Mike Martlet said...

What is it with you American women that you think you can no longer wear sexually attractive clothes and shoes when you get to 30! Wear the stuff and get the guys' attention, you're only 35 for Chr**t's sake!

In the UK women in their 50's still do sexual attraction, - some like my wife even at 60! Her dresses and her shoes in particular are always turning guys on; one or two of our friends and even a couple of her students (she's a college lecturer) have even mentioned it!

She also has a couple of pairs of those plastic unit platform and stiletto heel shoes (pole dancer shoes?) similar to the ones in your photograph that she wears for parties, - and sometimes to bed!

Mike Martlet