Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holy Fricking Mackerel!

BabyFred! Not Amused Either. In fact, she was whispering "My Mommy Is A Whack Job" to the boys..

This shit is hard.... Pacemaker Monday, Home on Tuesday. The freaking vacuums suck (no pun intended). I can't get the cat hair up with the Roomba or the upright. She's going up the stairs on her own volition Tuesday. My head hurts. She told me to make the decisions for everything today, see what being in the hospital for weeks will do to you??? It makes you crazy. Why else would she ask that of me???

If you find a penny in your own house is it good luck? Or does it have to be a street.


steph said...

you can definitely consider it good luck in your house!!

so good luck with all of this stuff going on!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a really excellent question! Hmm....

soapy t said...

i say a penny found in your house doen't count, but wish on it anyway. it cannot hurt.