Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

Two days ago I was ready to stay on the cruise ship for another month or so. A week just wasn't long enough, but now that I am home, I'm happy. So happy that I am going to share with you my secret love. Awhile back I said I don't get crushes on actors or Doctors, well I proved myself wrong. I dunno, maybe it was the handful of assorted psych drugs sprinkled with lortab and xanax, but I found myself falling in love with this guy. Hugh Laurie. Not so much Hugh Laurie, but rather his scruffy , mean spirited, sarcastic and crippled portrayal of Dr. House. It's Hugh Laurie as Doctor House that I love.


kim said...

did you want to borrow rich for a while? it gets old.

Ha! I slay me.

BTW-- normal people have no idea. I'm just sayin'

meno said...

I think the two of you will be very happy together.

steph said...

glad you're back!!

I always have crushes on actors and rock stars, I don't know what my deal is.

And I think you would love acupuncture -- I love that it isn't putting anything bad in my body, but that I am feeling so much better. It is expensive and insurance doesn't cover it, but even though insurance covers dr. bills and meds, that shit all adds up to a lot. Don't you love having a sensitive body?

soapy t said...

i used to love bruce willis so much that i thought we were going to get married. so much so i have a intense hate for demi moore b/c she took my man away from me. which is kinda great b/c i think he is douche bag, but for some reason i still look at demi moore like she was my 6th grade best friend that stole my man away away from me, the woman he was "supposed to" be with.

Andie said...

you & me both, honey. I LOVE Dr. Gregory House. His scruffy beard, his snarkiness, his inability to get close to someone.

he's my kind of "bad boy"

and I love staring into those blue eyes. God help me.