Friday, December 05, 2008

Confession Time

I'm not really a Temper Tantrum Queen, I'm mearly a Princess. The real Queen, Queen E is my mom. Today she went into the hospital, and I'm sad. She is a proud and private person, so this was very hard on her. Her independence and health are very important to her. When I arrived at the ER she was trying to put her shoes on and go home. She was in the ER from 5:30am till 2:30 pm. And she hadn't slept all night. They finally got her into a room before she escaped.

I'm sure she is going to be fine. She has to be. I still need her.


steph said...

good luck to your mom, i can't imagine how hard that would be. hope you are ok.

meno said...

Hang in there mom, TTP needs you.

cubmommy said...

You and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

Andie said...

You guys are in my prayers! I hope she's ok!

soapy t said...

i hope everything is okay. i hate hospital and thought of losing my parents.