Monday, September 01, 2008

I Said Hip Hip Hippity Hop

Hurricanes are hoppin all over the Caribbean. Just when the satellite guy could could get here on Tuesday, another storm is likely to brush us Thursday or Friday. Most of the water has settled into "retention" ponds from Faye, some ponds we didn't even know existed after just getting 26+ of rain I'm not so sure if the roads will clear as quickly as they did during Faye last week. The way our house is built sandbagging should do the trick if need be. I can just imagine us evacuating ,which we have never done even during Andrew and we lived in So FLA. One mom, one husband, mom's two cats, my cat, and two dogs. Oh and what to do with turtle?? All barreling up I95 to Atlanta in Mom's conversion van. I call third row, mom and honey can do the driving. The dog crates should fit in the back , cat crates on the second row seats. I'm going to have to check out the van again, the third row seats might have to be put down to put the doberman crate in the back.

Good thoughts to all the readers who get bothered by the storms.

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Andie said...

THANKS! they worked. my house is ok!