Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As if I Needed This

Why is that medicine to make you better makes you sick?? Then I have to take another medicine to combat the side effects of the original medicine. I'm a freaking mess. Who may barf all over her keyboard in oh about 2.2 seconds. Glad I didn't have an eating lunch date today, just coffee. I knew if I ate I wouldn't come home and start taking all this crap. Then Honey would quiz until he was satisified that I had indeed taken it.

God, I'm just a bundle of joy today. Cranky, ill and whiney.


Andie said...

word. I hear ya. I hate that drugs that treat one thing, often make you nauseated, give you a headache, or give you cold and flu symptoms.

Swishy said...

No, don't barf! I'm sorry ... I hope you're feeling better now.

meno said...

Sorry you are so sick. I hate barfing. I hate waiting to barf even more.

steph said...

yuck! that does always seem to be the caase with medicine -- it makes you feel worse!!!