Sunday, September 07, 2008

From This Day Forward

Honey is going to join the cyberworld with a new (and a first for him) name. His name: Baldilocks. C'est Bien! His views are strictly his views and have no bearing on mine whatsoever. Granted you are most likely to find him in a Cigar Forum, A Republican Rally and God only knows where when I am out of town. Actually we all know what I am alluding to, it's just in poor taste to say my husband surfs for porn to amuse himself when left alone. I'm sorry Cyd, that you had to read that. Banish it right out of your mind, like poof...never happened.

Not only entering the land of the cyber people with his new name, I accidentally taught him a new word for "female bits" as Meno likes to call them. It's kinda hard not to talk about them with him since he saw the pictures of the laproscopy before I did. He asked me how my "woo" was. I said you mean my vajay-jay? We were in the grocery store and proceeded to launch a whole shopping trip discussing all the different names that people use for genitals. He really likes vajay-jay. I think because it sounds likes something he heard on the streets, he and his friends love to use words like "Big Dog", Woot!, and really anything that makes them sound like they aren't middle aged men. I also reminded him of breasticiles, which could mean that your tits are freezing off or maybe the size of your breasticiles is the female equivalent of how big your balls are.

So sorry world! For the two minor indiscretions that I released on the world by sharing my limited knowledge.


soapy t said...

i love this conversation. TITTY BALLS!!!

steph said...

so many things i love in this post:
the picture
and bresticles. i always say "nipped out," because of the obvious.
and a "woo!" that is hilarious!!!

Andie said...

ha love this.

we call it our "girly bits" or the box. LOL