Monday, September 22, 2008

Do Not Rip The Band-Aid Off

I'm back from vacation in my old town Ft. Lauderdale. My brain is so overloaded that I can't process it all yet. seriously. I get gossip via e-mail, but the one on one gossip in person is sooooooo much better. One pleasing moment is that a very very very bad ex was black balled, eighty-sixed, banished, exiled. Why does that make me happy? Because every time I think of the years I threw away on him makes me want to vomit and sends me into a panic attack. There are only two men that can do that to me. It would have been three, but somebody offed the third, for real. And no it wasn't me and he did have it coming.
But basically I came and went unscathed. Ice Princess indeed.


kim said...

Karma :o).

You DO need to get writing!
Misadventures of TTQ.

Swishy said...

I have one like that, too. Horrible. Just totally horrible. I am glad yours is exiled.