Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fuckity! Duckity! Duck!

The longer I get out of the habit of blogging everyday it's hard to get back into the momentum. Today was a maelstrom of Dr's appts that had been perfectly scheduled last week which were promptly canceled upon Tropical Faye's arrival ,This town and most of the county closed Tuesday, Wed, Thur,AND Freaking Fri . Wow! What a tough back to school week. Class for one day to find your desk, your pencils can't possibly sharpened yet ...

So back to my dilemma rescheduling my Dr's appts, I did not wake up on the right side of the bed and promptly got a panic attack. I did hit the gas instead of the brake. And yes kids, I was not hopped up on pain pills or even xanax.

Yeah so healing fine, a bit slow but healing the glue is starting to really peel now, like the ones directly over the biggest incision. The tumor of course was not cancerous yay! I just have Endometriosis and a few cysts rambling around. So the talk turned to options, drugs that give you a partial menopause, drugs that send you straight to menopause w/o passing go. And of course total hysterectomy at 34. Now we have to put every card on the table, we have discussed it over and over, but it's sink or swim time. I just need to jump off the diving board and make a decision. It's not life threating (to me) it just extinghuisis the last match of the baby book matches

So then I made him tell me what everything on my pictures (they are in color) is. What I thought was a belly button, turned out to be a piece of my uterus on the outside (snipped off). Just in case you are keeping score It looks like somewhere somebody turned parts of my uterus inside out and put it back in the closet Hence the dense endometriois which was removed but will go grow back without relief if I don't choose what's behind door Number 1, Door Number 2, Or Door Number 3. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


meno said...

What a sucky decision to have to make.

Stupid female bits!

Andie said...

Dude, I totally feel ya. I had that type of surgery when I was 22. it was rough. The worst part was the after-surgery therapy. Depo Lupron for 6 months after the operation. Which put me in menopause at 22. Misery- hot flashes, weight gain, moodiness, depression.

I hope you can get well!

steph said...

first, glad you guys are finally drying out. you got hit hard!!

and good luck with making the decision. it's a tough one to make, and i understand what you're going through!! good thoughts your way....

kim said...

first, my sister and best friend both were faced with this decision and each took different routes, both happy with the road they chose. e me if you want details.

second, I had a ttq moment today. I was helping my sister look for loft beds with storage for her kids and she told me I find the coolest stuff!

I don't, you do! But I felt like you for a breif, shining, high end fantasy shopping moment (it was no panda chair).

Swishy said...

I can't even handle the little decisions, let alone the big ones like that. Hang in there, my favorite blogging queen.

soapy t said...

i want to smell it.

TTQ said...

Done deal guys, the bits are all coming out. Weren't using them anyway for storing babies and after 4 years you would think we would have made one already. There is always adoption if we change our self centered lifes around.

Andie..I get those symptoms now so it can't get any worse..

Kim.. Glad I'm waering off on you..I think.. see the above comment from Andie and then my response.

Soapy Soapy Soapy.. What would I do without you?

Cyd said...

Thinking about you! Let's talk this weekend.

Swishy said...

OK, how do you feel? And when are you going to do it?

Thinking about you!!!

Frannie Farmer said...

Oh Sweets, so thinking of you ... Please let me know when you are going in so I can pray extra, extra for you that day.
Adoption is a wonderful option. I can't tell you how much joy it can bring ... but you will get there in time.
Thinking of you - especially in this stormy time!!