Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Musings

Can I wear my ipod during my surgery?

Will I even care when I get to 98? 100, 99, 98 OUT! Like A Light.

Why do I think it is so important to have my eyebrows in tip top shape for this?

Why do I always ask for my current book when I know they will be pumping morphine into me all the words get jumbled like well a word jumble? I might as well ask for a sudoku and just fill it in randomly. This time, I'm packing my laptop and movies. I can always re-rent movies.

On the menu where you pick what you want for the next days meals would it be rude to write "DON'T BOTHER, I'M NOT EATING THIS CRAP" on it? I made a list of things honey can bring me that are healthy and tasty.

Is it morbid that I made a mini will and stuck it in my "real" jewelry box? Mom doesn't know it yet but I'm dropping it off at her house tomorrow. Just the good jewelry but there is a list of things that I want other people to have. Honey gets my pension and life insurance. And that's about all I have any say about, those go to him by default.

Oh and I want my phone this time. It takes me 5 or 6 tries to dial my own damn house or honeys cell without it.

Do you think I can talk them into a little lipo while they are in there anyways? I won't tell anybody it was "pro bono".

And again, Why the hell don't hospitals have wireless Internet? People live and breath through their puters. I could go into withdrawal and die

Why must everybody don gowns? My ass and breasts aren't being worked on. Walking around holding it closed sucks, I bring pj shorts and tank tops.

How in the hell did my tattoo end up in my medical history? Seriously, is that why we have to don gowns? Or else I have ob/gyn who doesn't miss a thing. Who by the way is the McDreamy of the hospital, the pre-op nurse says "Isn't it he a cutie..everybody loves him." Sorry but I don't get crushes on actors or doctors and do you really want a McDreamy poking around your belly? Not me, I hate when my husband touches my belly.


.Nicotine.Queen. said...

I say ask for crayons and draw while you're all morphed up!

and a will is not morbid. I used to make them all the time, everytime I flew.

Good luck!

kim said...

You say you don't care about McDreamy, but your eyebrow story reveals the truth! Ha!

What about books on tape?

Okay, and as for morbid -- I couldn't even drive to Kansas without making my best friend promise not to leave Rich to raise the kids alone if something should happen --"Take my girls to lunch at least once a week -- they need a girl influence -- for the love of Pete!"

I don't think it's morbid, so much as a way to take action so you don't worry over the what if crap.

You will be fine, just don't forget to do a boog check before you go in, McDreamy is going to be able to see right up there.

Much love))))))))))))))))))))

Cyd said...

Hey, sorry I've been out of touch. I'm thinking about you! I think you should lead the charge for free wireless in hospitals. Or at least get some rich retiree to donate the money so *your* hospital has it. You could start a movement.

So now you have to sail through this procedure and get to work.

kim said...

Thinking of you today.


soapy t said...

i hate it when anyone touched me period. hope everything come out okay.