Sunday, July 27, 2008


Pre-ops all systems go. 'cept for having nausea mostly likely from nerves. Though the xanax and the phenegren aren't kicking in like they should be. I thought I had some motion systen meds around here too, I just can't find them. The Nazi (honey) will be my keeper for 4 days then will go back to work. Mom is more idulgent and will play my silly games. She won't sing, tell me a story or a joke..but she will make funny faces on command. It's only suppose to be outpatient, but I've been told there is a good possibility they will keep me, especially after just spending a week at my favorite hotel (ahem, I mean't hospital) No frequent fliers miles though or hotal rewards. Just meals I won't eat, and demand that food be brought in to me and that I have plenty of ones for the vending machines. ( Bitchy, I know). But I do know now that I can't go to the first floor unless you have a pass. I can even tell you that I'll probably be on floor 3, which isn't my favorite ward but it's ok. I packed my own bags just in case, kinda like insurance if you have a bag ready you getto go home, if you have to go in a hurry they keep you forrrrrreeeeeeeeevvvvvvvverr and you husband will be looking for alll the off the wall things I ask for


kim said...

I think hospital food is to keep themselves in business! bleh!

Wish I lived close, I would come tell you stories, pet your head and maybe even give you a bell to ring if you needed to call me from another room.

Wish there was more that I could do than think good thoughts your way))))))))))))))))))))).

...Winnie pics, still haven't taken them.

meno said...

That you even HAVE a favorite ward is just wrong.

Best to you.

Andie said...

I hope this operation gets you feeling better!

Thinking of you!

TTQ said...

Kim- get a move on the pictures! I need inspiration.

Meno- They even know me at the reception desks for visitors, outpatient and the emegency room. Oh and my maintenance man, who gave me the tips on the vending machines. I'm a good patient, give me my drugs and leave me unhooked that is..hooked up I get a bit petulant, I like to wander. But I behave (now , not always). Tip they have big fluffy blankets if you ask nicely.

Andie , thenkas with all these well wishes I'm sure I'll mend quickly.