Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mr & Mrs Berry (Berry Good Times)

I just logged into Flickr and found that my niece had FINALLY uploaded wedding pics. Ok, I can't really give her a hard time , memory cards are so cheap I just keep buying new ones, then I date them and put them in a box..

The good time coed- bachelor/ bachelorette party!!! Go to the November 2007 posts for the crazy ass party pictures. Honey is in the green, our niece (not the one getting married) is the blonde, the blonde guy is her dad, who would be my BIL 'cept for a tiny divorce thing... And the handsome black dude is an extended family member without blood ties. Warning Honey should not be allowed to play with him. But we let it happen anyway knowing something is going to end up in the family archive....

The ocean front venue, it was freezing. The Wedding was in November....

Honey and I can behave. Seriously. Or maybe it was because I got out of the Hospital 2 days before the Wedding. That us in the second row for family, we found out later we were suppose to be in the front row..oopsie. I'm the one in dark glasses , Honey is the bald guy.
This is when things started to get crazy and I was ready to faint so we left it to the younger kids, like my new nephew (my age) and niece (who is 4 or so years younger than me) . I also love that the groom is bald like my Honey.

I love this picture of the bride, she looks ready to know the stuff that comes after you get married.

The end.

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Andie said...

looks like a beautiful wedding! :)

How have you been?