Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yikes, It's Almost Here!

Today is pre-op day. First the doctor at 2:30 then the hospital at 3:30. Honey just called to see if he should rearrange his day to go. I told him it's no big deal, it's probably just instructions and paperwork. I'm more worried about the time in between, the Dr's office is across the street from the hospital. I can't imagine it will take an hour, I suppose I'll just go and see if they take me early. Then I'll be done with Dr's till Friday and the laproscopy next Thursday. I picked up the reports rom the hospital from my stay last week. It stated I was "youthful" in appearance (yay!) and "Unfortunate" (wtf?). I never think of myself as unfortunate, I tend to think I'm lucky.


meno said...

Geez woman, you should have married a doctor.

I'll be thinking of you and awaiting your report(s).

soapy t said...

youthful and unfortunate... i can think of worse things and i imagine you can too.