Sunday, August 03, 2008

In which I have become a lurker

the surgery went well, a tumour was removed and some endometrios. Haven't heard what was in the tumour but I'm sure I'll hear something sooner rather than later if it's dangerous. I've been reading your blogs, but my typing sucks with a drug addled mind. I have the hard copy if the pictures, but I'm hoping to get the cd so I can post the gory details. Howvever I'm still haven't been cleared to drive yet. Honey is taking awesome care of me. So that's that. More later, I'm going to crawl back onto the couch and slip under warm dryer warmed blankies.


Frannie Farmer said...

Glad to hear you are even lurking. and I knew that Honey would take fabUlous care of you!!!
Thinking of you!

Cyd said...

Good to hear they got the yucky stuff out. Let's hope that's the end of it.

Dryer-warmed blankies are the best.

kim said...

My girl is here :o).

Hope the animals are giving you your space on that couch! Probably have beat them off with a stick if you have warm blankies on you.


.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Hope you are back to your fabulous self soon!

meno said...

I was just wondering last night how you were doing.

Continue to take it easy.

steph said...

so glad everything went well -- what the hell is it with the endo? Ugh.

I know you love Gossip Girl, but if you also love The OC, it's on everyday on (embarrassing I know this) Soap Net for two hours, so if that is not some resting-getting-better tv, I don't know what is!!

kim said...

stopping by to think of you and wish you well out loud.

Have you seen brad pitt's new babies ten thousand times? Did you know what's his -- 71 year old, oscar winning puss's -- name, got in an accident? isn't it weird that shia la-guy hasn't changed his clothes since he messed himself up by his own drunken driving?

That's all I've heard from the celebrity gossip world (I was at the dentist today -- they have E channel). But I know that shit just loops over and over, so you must have heard it a gazillion times from your couch by now.

...are you still with me?

cubmommy said...

Glad to hear everything went well! I hope you will be feeling better soon!!

Andie said...

glad to hear that you are on the mend!

I have endometriosis too. i had a huge cyst removed and I went through a TON of hormonal therapy. If you ever need to talk about it, drop me a line!

soapy t said...

glad you are well. i want some pills.