Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why? What's the Problem?

I looked up sperm on eBay today. What a crock! There is no actual sperm for sale. Just a bunch of male virility products and gag items. I don't want to buy sperm, I wanted to get a idea of how much Honey's sperm is worth. It's not like we are using it, I hate to see it all go to waste. I told him it would be just like playing skee ball, you aim for the little cup and fire! I'm sure there would be plenty of women willing to pay for an ex-pro ballplayers sperm. He's tall, got great legs, a hell of a pitch and big brown puppy dog eyes. Shoe size 14 and 1/2wide.
Guaranteed fresh and made to order.


Anonymous said...

OK, you are making me a little nervous.

Does hubby know??

How much would your eggs be, I wonder.

soapy t said...

you what they say about big shoes...


if i had sperm i would sell it like crazy or flush it all. too many babies in the world already. no need for anymore.

i am self diagnosed rotten inside.

kim said...

saopy t is killin me ovah here.

I dated a guy with big shoes once -- that was really fun.

kim said... know, because of the shoe shopping, right?

TTQ said...

That's right Soapy BIG FEET

Kim-Yeah the shoe shoppin', that's great you get to go to like NINE stores before you find a pair.

LeighAnn stone cold sober fo' real. And I may have mentioned it to Honey.