Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rickety Split!

Not too long ago I made a request for a little red wagon. I grocery shop during the day when Honey is at work, and getting everything from the car and into the house is exhausting and also hurts my back. I had back surgery a few years ago and for the first few years it was great, but as I get older I get periodic back aches, a wagon wold work perfectly. I could pile everything (especially 12 packs of soda which we buy 4 or more of a time and huge bags of dog food) into the wagon and take it up the driveway into the house. I had even threatened to pull the car up to the door once or twice. Honey then explained that I would run over a sprinkler head or two. And those aren't cheap and he hates replacing them.

Yesterday as I was turning into our subdivision I noticed how serene the park and lake looked. I would love to take my dogs on the pathway along the lake. But we have a doberman and a beagle. The beagle is not only smaller, he is old and slow. The doberman is fast, younger and strong. Not good dogs for walking together, plus they are house dogs and get let out back where it is fenced in. Honey has to scoop poop and toss it over the back fence into the canal. So one tends to go one way the other goes off the other way. They really aren't leash trained. But since I moved in, the beagle no longer stands on the dining room table, the doberman doesn't eat the furniture. They have a stay at home mom who believes in discipline. Honey not so much.

That's when it his me, they have pedicabs, rickshaws, bike rickshaws, alsakan bobsleds (no snow here so I'm not going to turn my attention on them just yet) get the point.What I need to do is to get a harness and put the beagle in the wagon and have the doberman pull the wagon.

So basically it all starts with one little red wagon with a ton of uses. Like getting groceries in the house, getting exercise and fresh air for the dogs and me, and I'll even let honey use it in the garden if he promises not to put compost from the compost tumbler into the wagon.

Anything but the compost. Rats live in the tumbler! If I wasn't so scared of them I would rock their world by spinning the sit out of the tumbler, but it has a hole that they pop in and out of , it's the hole where you get the "juice" I won't go within 5 feet of the tumbler.

I can do this I think, but I'm gonna have to do it covertly at first. Honey thinks I'm off my rocker. anyhow, I'm off to search for a kit for the harness and wagon. God, I love the internet. It's the place where dreams come true.


steph said...

i think that is an excellent idea!!!

meno said...

I need one of those that will go up stairs.

Frannie Farmer said...

You are an incredibly smart chick!
I can't wait for the pics! (although I would be careeful in posting ... you never know when PETA will come a lookin')

Rebecca said...

You better get a radio flyer! That is the ONLY type of red wagon to get.

Now...if only I could convince someone to pull me around in a red wagon.

soapy t said...

please make a mini movie of this i want to see.