Friday, April 11, 2008

Let it go

I am so cranky I can't stand being around myself. I think it had something to do with going to Wal-mart. I hate Wal-mart. I hate Wal-mart. I hate Wal-mart. The cashier was a bitch and packed everything wrong. I had it all neat on the belt, like I wanted it packed. She must have been absent on bag packing day at Wal-mart College.


kim said...

First of all -- go eat a banana, or some other type of quick snack (i'm ducking way far down).

Second, Frankie failed the psych test for getting hired at wal-mart -- what gives?

My mom used to work at wal-mart.

do you think i'm living with a psycho killer?

TTQ said...

I had an orange and a pear. I haven't thrown anything in YEARS, so you don't have to duck. Those psych tests are hard it's like being stoned or interrogated by the police, they ask you the same thing 12 different ways and you have to stick to ONE answer. I know this because a place I was amanager, I had to give and grade them by calling 1-800-number. Was mom a greeter? I got a good joke about wal-mart greeters.

He's probably not a psycho killer just a petty theif

steph said...

sorry you're cranky.

i hate wal-mart, too. a lot.

you need a beach day! it's doing wonders for me right now to fight off all signs of bitchiness.

Stucco said...

Why the fuck did you go to Wal*Mart? And moreover- what were you expecting?

soapy t said...


kim said...

my mother had a section that she kept the shelves nice and neat in. she hated everyone, so she quit.

I figured as much about the psych test. my boy would not pick up on that line of questioning -- he's a bit too literal to catch that they are stating the same thing. If he was allowed to explain why he chose as he did they would see it's not killer reasoning at work ;O).

what an insult to be shot down by wal-mart. I told him he dodged a bullet.

Anonymous said...

You know....I have never been to a Walmart. But now I don't really want to. Thanks!

I just did a raffle if you are interested.


Tee hee!

Frannie Farmer said...

I hate Wal-mart too ...
the spandex, loud noises and parking lot from hell give me a nervous tic that lasts for days!

kimberlie said...

i sooooo understand. You have my sympathies

Debbie said...


I hate walmart too... I call it Hell-mart. It's overcrowded and I always have to wait in line for about an hour. Unfortunately, it is the cheapest place to get groceries, so I have to go once a month.

However, I LOVE Target. Although lately it is crazy busy too... which sucks.