Friday, April 25, 2008

No Zoom Zoom Zoom

**update from previous post**
An IM conversation with Mom

TTQ: I want a Vespa for here in town

MissE: No way. No more accidents.

TTQ: How did I know you were going to say that? I didn't even run it by Honey, he would have shot it down right away

MissE: We will protect you from yourself.


Stucco said...

You see more accidents on those things than on motorcycles. Why not just get a rickshaw and someone to pedal?

Join Sarah said...

Vespa's are the coolest things EVER! Have you ever been to Italy? They all drive them and it makes me so jealous of their free-spirited lifestyle ... darn Italians with their fancy shoes and cute little motorcycles.

I've always wanted one, but ::sigh:: it doesn't seem realistic.

soapy t said...

ride a chainsaw.

steph said...

that is pretty much how FP and my fam deals with me. i was just saying i wanted tor ide my bike (non-motorized) over the intracoastal bridge and it was met with a resounding NO all around.

sorry to read you've been so sick with migraines -- that sucks. migraines are the worst. i've been sick with the end of school and haven't had any fun blog time. hope you're feeling better by now!!

TTQ said...

Stucco- I know a guy in Ft. Laud who has a whole fleet it is a fun way to get around.

Sarah- Yeah I've been to Italy and seen those well dressed Italians zipping around on Vespa's

Soapy, Soapy.. I could ride the Vespa blindfolded with a chainsaw. That's be pretty slick huh? Like a ninja or something, or maybe just a paint ball gun slung over my back.

Steph, Ha ha you get the veto factor too. I wish I could say they were wrong, but my track record is kinda messed up. Ok well a lot.

Cyd if you are reading this what do you think about it?

Cyd said...

I was just showing my scars and describing my 15 stitches to son number 2. Of course, I was only 15 years old and maybe you have better judgement :-) Just stay away from the intersection of US 1 and Dixon Blvd.

But seriously, it can't be a whole lot worse than the civic or whatever it is you have.

TTQ said...

US 1 and Dixon is now the fringe of the "hood". I rarely even pass it.

It's a Toyota and the only thing I've ever put into it was gas and new tires. Just because the security system is kinda unconventional...

I also got vetoed on a convertible, looks like the only options is to get a Hummer or a Tank.

Frannie Farmer said...

Mr. Farmer won't let me drive after I take my meds these days ... and I do drive a Tank! ... sorta sucks.