Monday, February 02, 2009

Short and Sweet Unlike the Academy Awards

Courteny Love ready to hit the Red Carpet...
I once had a guy ask me out on the premise of the fact he thought it was cool that I had done nothing over vacation but watch movie after movie. Yeah that really made me want to make my teenaged loins ache for him. Movies are best watched ALONE. Sex too but not all the time, but that's another day's subject.

Award Shows suck. zzzzzzzz

Dark,twisted and sacrcastic troubled people turn me on. TV shows, books and Everything. Thank God I married Honey in a fit on sensibility he was the opposite of every bad boy (okay well older men that tend to brood) asshole. Why would I want to see people glide onstage and grasp some phallic like object coated in some semi-precious metal? I mean really if they tripped and fell, that would make me watch. Yeah so I like some of the movies, some I couldn't be bothered with and lastly I'm more of an indie girl, but that doesn't make the Sundance Award Show any better.


frank said...

Oh my, I agree! I hate music award shows especially-- I think they manufactured them just to sell ads and sucker the populace into watching them.

Yes movies are better watched alone- since my work schedule gets me up at midnight, on my days off I like to 'sleep in' until 3 am or so and watch movies until the rest of the house stirs and awakens, which some days, is around noon. and if my movie watching is interrupted, since I'm an older man, I tend to brood.

And to set the record straight, and your husband might agree, we older men don't brood, we just get lost in thought.

meno said...

Well SHE'S a miracle of plastic surgery. Scary.

I watch the Oscars, but only because it's the one time a year when i get to eat clam dip.

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