Friday, February 06, 2009


There has been a whole lot of cleaning going on here, I'm not talking about just straightening up. I mean get the cobwebs out of corners that nobody sees just because the ones you can see got cleaned.

I'm thinking of investing money in a case of canned air. Blasting baseboards, cleaning underneath some tables, and basically using it like a colt 45 on dust and webs. I have a feeling that at the rate of speed I seem to be going, the starting point will be dusty again. I haven't touched a thing in our study yet, but I'm staring at a mighty dirty window sill. Honey's idea of cleaning his desk is to put everything on my chair or on my desk. He likes when I declutter his for him. Right now I can't even see mine and what I do see is alot of dust which brings me back to canned air theory. It seems like it should work and if not it's always fun to turn it upside down and freeze an unsuspecting person. If you have never done it, I suggest you go raid your office supply cabinet at work for air and walk past someone and blast them on the arm. Never on the face, that would just be dangerous.


kim said...

My house next!

soapy t said...

there is supposed to be an amazing intervention where a girl hus that shit. man i love intervention. i only we could scout or the show with the crackies we see. that would be amazing.

TTQ said...

I took a shortcut through the "bad" part of town (and no I wasn't looking to score). I saw one of my fav crackies we call "Row Row". Her name is either Yolanda or Rolanda. Every where I go, she is there too. One eyed Joe is Mia, i heard he got hit by a train. He wasn't a crackie just a garden variety alkie