Friday, January 30, 2009

Cheeseburgers and Cupcakes!

We ate them in that order from a lovely little Bistro and a cutesy pie cuppycake store! In our soto whisper to each other "We have 6 cupcakes!" and "We have cheesecake!" I'm surprised we didn't hold hands and start skipping. Mom and I took a lovely little road trip up to St. Augustine and stayed at a lovely little HUGE Word Famous Golf Hall of Fame resort. No, I did not bring my clubs ( I really really suck and she can't do upper body exercise yet)We had cable with all the HBOs, we had sweets, we had books. It was cold but we shopped anyway. Mom is doing so much better, she cat naps without meaning too, but she's still recovering so it was to be expected. I did all the driving (EGADS!). We had no pressure to do any of the touristy historics sites, we've done them before and they are only 2 hours away when I drive. We just shopped and ate, twice at the Martini Bar Bistro (No martinis for us) great food though. Then we found an awesome Tapas resteraunt but we got full after sharing three. That was sad they all sounded so good. I found a local cigar maker and brought Honey home some plus we bought him new clothes, pecans and pecan candies among other junk. He was glad to have his girls home, he had to work and had to stay home. :-(

Tommorow Honey and I are taking a tiny road trip to Orlando to stock up on more cigars. I figure we can have a nice lunch before we have to be home at 3:00 pm to feed the kids. I'm also going to find (wish me luck!) Mom a watch that looks like the one I just bought while we were in St. Augustine, she is wishing she had got one for herself. Or maybe I should just give her mine, I already told she can borrow it whenever she wants..

Glad to be home, missed my internet, missed my kids, really really missed Honey although he called us a zillion times a day. Fun dinner on Sunday with Mom and Honey planned!!! Yay! Food and laughter!

It's like a belated Christmas since she was released the day before Christmas and nobody bothered to put trees up at either house, we were all a mess. No presents or usual customs, but the sun is here again!


Smileygirl said...

Sounds like such a fun trip and great bonding time for you and your mom. Glad to see she is doing so much better.

Cyd said...

I agree, it is nice to see some sunshine in your posts again. I've been assuming nothing much has been happening. I've been working a gazillion hours and neglecting the children. That's all the news from here.

But I wanted to tell you the Indiana Jones whip was a big hit in the household. See, I was going to send that privately but it is more fun to say that in public. Just about every parental (or little brother) command can be improved by a few sound effects. "Out of bed, NOW! [whip sound]" "Keep your hands off my toys! [whip sound]"

kim said...

I'm so happy for you...and a little hungry.

soapy t said...

glad you all were able to be out and having a good time. i thought the title of this post sounded much like a jimmy buffet song.

meno said...

Sounds just lovely. Cupcakes and cheesecake. Mmmmmm.