Monday, February 09, 2009

Mom's Are Hysterical

Mom had a minor outpatient procedure on her pace maker today. I spent the night with her because we were getting up before 7am. Ugh. I dropped her off and went back to my house to maybe catch my husband before he left for work. I went back to get her after catching a few more zzzzzzz's, she had me searching all over the hospital for her, she gave me the wrong info. I finally find her and she pops right up! I'm ready to go home! BUT, they won't let her go until her heart rate was over 90. We gave her clothes in anticipation of her blood pressure rising above 90. 101! Yay, she can go now!

I left her in the car while I went into the post office for her, she didn't go anywhere. We get to her house and she gets to the door, "My book!" ok I'll get it from my purse. "My Clothes!" Mom you are wearing your clothes! "Oh yeah !" and starts giggling. We get her inside and she starts off down the hallway and ping pongs off every wall. That's when I took her keys. Her brother is flying in today and Mom wanted to pick him up by herself. She's going to be sitting shotgun today.


Swishy said...

I totally want to hang out with you and your mom.

soapy t said...

i do too and i want you make videos to go with these posts.

Andie said...

your mom is hilarious. I hope all is well out there!!!

Indian NGO said...

I believe that moms tend to get hysterical sometimes on small small issues specially if it is something concerned with her children. In very few cases moms get hysterical about themselves till may be they get very old when they are unable to take care of themselves on their own.