Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

R U Sure About Your Vote?

ABC has a test at the below address to see who's campaign statements, McCain's or Obama's, you agree with most. They don't tell you who made the statements, of course, but a statement made by each candidate on the same topic (economy, immigration, judiciary, etc.) will be side by side. You just pick which statement you agree with and, after selecting all 13, you'll find out which candidate's philosophy you support. Try it at:

I'm happy to report that I was voting for the same person who I had originally had my vote reserved for. Did you? You don't have to say WHO just tell me yes or no. Yes if the poll was acurate about who you were voting for or no if it turns out you are more likely to vote someone else.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As if I Needed This

Why is that medicine to make you better makes you sick?? Then I have to take another medicine to combat the side effects of the original medicine. I'm a freaking mess. Who may barf all over her keyboard in oh about 2.2 seconds. Glad I didn't have an eating lunch date today, just coffee. I knew if I ate I wouldn't come home and start taking all this crap. Then Honey would quiz until he was satisified that I had indeed taken it.

God, I'm just a bundle of joy today. Cranky, ill and whiney.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Do Not Rip The Band-Aid Off

I'm back from vacation in my old town Ft. Lauderdale. My brain is so overloaded that I can't process it all yet. seriously. I get gossip via e-mail, but the one on one gossip in person is sooooooo much better. One pleasing moment is that a very very very bad ex was black balled, eighty-sixed, banished, exiled. Why does that make me happy? Because every time I think of the years I threw away on him makes me want to vomit and sends me into a panic attack. There are only two men that can do that to me. It would have been three, but somebody offed the third, for real. And no it wasn't me and he did have it coming.
But basically I came and went unscathed. Ice Princess indeed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Freakin Crazy

I was in the bathroom brushing my hair when I heard a voice on the TV. I knew that voice, I hadn't heard it in over 10 years but it's hard to forget this lady. It was a woman that worked for me when I was managing a furniture store in the mall. She worked part-time and was always rushing to go see this or that trying to break into the acting biz. I actually went to some of her acting workshops with some other friends too. At one point I was fed up with my two roommates and she and I started looking at places, but I digress. My friend was on Law and Order playing an attorney, and I caught it on TV. Takes me back. Way back. Wish I was 21 and still struted like a peacock, I thought I had the world on a string. But I was wrong.

What Happens When A Newspaper Makes A Mistake?

Since I published late last night, I was clearly not thinking... Upon waking I headed straight for the computer to remove it asap. If you happened to be one of those lucky readers keep it on the down low would ya? TMI, but it kept me busy

So here's a distraction for you Kathy Griffin Topless! I love her piece about celebrities getting the shots of their "Female Parts" by accident...



Kathy Griffin on Party Girl Crotch Photos

Sunday, September 07, 2008

From This Day Forward

Honey is going to join the cyberworld with a new (and a first for him) name. His name: Baldilocks. C'est Bien! His views are strictly his views and have no bearing on mine whatsoever. Granted you are most likely to find him in a Cigar Forum, A Republican Rally and God only knows where when I am out of town. Actually we all know what I am alluding to, it's just in poor taste to say my husband surfs for porn to amuse himself when left alone. I'm sorry Cyd, that you had to read that. Banish it right out of your mind, like poof...never happened.

Not only entering the land of the cyber people with his new name, I accidentally taught him a new word for "female bits" as Meno likes to call them. It's kinda hard not to talk about them with him since he saw the pictures of the laproscopy before I did. He asked me how my "woo" was. I said you mean my vajay-jay? We were in the grocery store and proceeded to launch a whole shopping trip discussing all the different names that people use for genitals. He really likes vajay-jay. I think because it sounds likes something he heard on the streets, he and his friends love to use words like "Big Dog", Woot!, and really anything that makes them sound like they aren't middle aged men. I also reminded him of breasticiles, which could mean that your tits are freezing off or maybe the size of your breasticiles is the female equivalent of how big your balls are.

So sorry world! For the two minor indiscretions that I released on the world by sharing my limited knowledge.

Sunday Tea Anybody?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Anything Goes in Amsterdam

Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson. I thought Willie was still jail or dead or something. I'm going to make a wild guess they are flying high even though they aren't Superman. Which by the way is the name of the song: Superman

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

stuck in my head

I hope that you have
the time of your life
but think twice
it's my ony advice

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Monday, September 01, 2008

In a Creepy Little World

I Said Hip Hip Hippity Hop

Hurricanes are hoppin all over the Caribbean. Just when the satellite guy could could get here on Tuesday, another storm is likely to brush us Thursday or Friday. Most of the water has settled into "retention" ponds from Faye, some ponds we didn't even know existed after just getting 26+ of rain I'm not so sure if the roads will clear as quickly as they did during Faye last week. The way our house is built sandbagging should do the trick if need be. I can just imagine us evacuating ,which we have never done even during Andrew and we lived in So FLA. One mom, one husband, mom's two cats, my cat, and two dogs. Oh and what to do with turtle?? All barreling up I95 to Atlanta in Mom's conversion van. I call third row, mom and honey can do the driving. The dog crates should fit in the back , cat crates on the second row seats. I'm going to have to check out the van again, the third row seats might have to be put down to put the doberman crate in the back.

Good thoughts to all the readers who get bothered by the storms.