Thursday, May 17, 2007

WTF? When did I get old?

Do I look middle age to you? Do I write middle age to you? Do I think like a middle ager? Do I act like a middle aged person? The bastards at the hospital described upon my arrival to being admitted that I was a middle age woman! Can I sue? For god's sake I'm freaking 33 29!

This is so unfair! They really hurt my tender little feelings. Don't they know how sensitive I am upon my vanity?! I am so getting new boobs before I hit 39 and maybe a pump of botox on my bitch line in the middle of my forehead! I don't tan and I live in Florida, I may have a few grey hairs..mostly I pluck them chin is plucked, my upper lip is waxed, and my eyebrows are too. Okay so I was sick, and pale..that is no excuse to call me a middle aged woman! I get carded for buying ciggarettes and you only have to be 18! Seriously. I am going to have to go have something done to me... cosmetically to get me out of this funk now. But when you get described as middle aged where do you start? Fuckers.


meno said...

Those bastards!

Frannie Farmer said...

ok, well I am a wee bit older than 33 and still get carded on occasion .. however, my biggest insult was, while pregnant w/AngelBaby it was considered a geriatric pregnancy because I was over 35. Can you imagine. It really made me cry!

Frannie Farmer said...

ps - I am going to email you tomorrow ... thanks for getting back to me!

kimberlie said...

I'm 25. Just before my birthday i descovered a wee little vein. I thought my life was over! Well still do to an extent, the point is, I just DENY DENY DENY and it's not there anymore.

Cyd said...

That distorted photo is freaking me out. I swear I saw it move.

I also swear I'm still in college. All a state of mind, right?

Karyn said...

Ah ha ha ha! This is funny. I've done the botox on my forehead wrinkle. It hurt like a bitch... but then again I'm a big baby.


TTQ said...

Thanks for cheering me up everyone!

FF..I had to giggle at geriatric pregnancy,. got a visual..

Kimberlie- if it is a wee littl evein a shot of saline will send it back to where the sun don't shine sistar!

Cyd-As for state of mind I know I'm young at heart... but I want everyone to be able to SEE that too! Sorry about the pic freakin ya out..unless of course your still in college trippin on the Grateful Dead.. wheeeeeeeee!!!

Karyn, I'll just close my eyes and do a primal scream in my head when the needle gets close..that will distract me..or maybe somebody can dangle something shiny or sparkly in front of me..

Karen said...

Holy shit! If you're "middle-aged," I'm a freakin' senior citizen! No way. Uh-uh. If your age starts with a 2, or even a 3 really, you're not in the middle. I'll explain it to them for you if you want me to. :)

soapy t said...

it might be a bit of "the secret," but i chose to believe that i get better looking every day.